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New site, new newsletter, too much news for one post.


We’ve got so many new things going on, we simply cannot fit them all into one post.

So, for this one, we’ll just do a quick summary.

First off, as evidenced by what you’re seeing here, we have a brand new web site. Thanks to the fine folks over at Epidemik, we’ve got a clean, stylish new look and all sorts of new functionality.

Like a new, easier, streamlined checkout system.

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Belated Congrats to “La Tuna de la Alegria” of NJ.


We’d like to wish a Happy Anniversary to the New Jersey Catholic choir by the name of “La Tuna de la Alegria.”

This Hispanic choir whose name translates as “The Choir of Happiness” celebrated its 40th anniversary in March.

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CrossClef adds new products during relaunch of web site.

CrossClef Coffee Mug – Choir Gift to Celebrate Music and God

CrossClef announced that it was adding to the offering of items available on its web site,

The new products include a number of clothing items such as tshirts, caps, beanies and wristbands in addtion to a new keychain, coffee mug and smaller necklaces.

“We”ve had these products ready for quite some time,” said company president, John Risser.

“It was time we made them available. The relaunch of the newly expanded web site provided emacedgame the perfect opportunity,” Risser said.

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CrossClef launches new site, sets new goals for growth.

New CrossClef Site – Choir Gifts Celebrating Music and God

CrossClef announced a newly expanded web site to accompany their new product offering.

Company president John Risser says the new web site will help meet the company”s goals.

“We want to be able to bring more CrossClef items to more people. This wonderful new web site will help make that happen,” Risser said.

In addition to a quicker, easier and far more streamlined purchasing process, Risser said the new site adds features and gives visitors a more rich experience.

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