A mission, a cause, a legacy and more.

Beyond providing a way for people to celebrate their devotion to church and love of music, CrossClef is most importantly about giving. A portion of all proceeds generated by the sales of CrossClef products will benefit the Chuck Risser Fund.

The mission of the Chuck Risser Fund is simple – to support the programs and causes that Chuck Risser supported when he was alive. This includes drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs, food shelves, employment programs for the disadvantaged, and of course, religious and music programs in need.

Periodically, we will list causes to which the Chuck Risser Fund contributes. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us regarding the Chuck Risser Fund. Thank you for your interest.

Generous in life, and he continues to give.

Chuck RisserCharles Richard Risser was born a preacher’s son on April 10, 1942. In the 59 years that followed, he often put the interests of others well ahead of his own.

As a young adult, he pursued a career as ordained minister. But his journey eventually took him in a different direction. His faith, however, was never in doubt – as reflected in the countless sermons he gave to congregations of rural Minnesota churches that couldn’t afford a full-time Pastor.

He was extremely generous with his time, his energy and his spirit.

One constant throughout his life was involvement with many choral groups – including membership in the renowned Dale Warland Symphonic Chorus.

His active role in numerous programs allowed him to improve a countless number of lives.

Additionally, he spent much of his time working with various community social services and church programs. After battling and beating his own alcohol abuse, he spent more than 25 years helping others kick their addictions, working with groups such as PNAODA, the Presbyterian Network on Alcohol and other Drug Abuse. His active role in countless programs allowed him to touch an incalculable number of lives.

It wasn’t until his death that the actual number of people he helped became most evident. The flood of those who came forward to mourn at his wake and funeral overwhelmed the church and home where the services were held.

Chuck Risser is survived by his loving wife, Maria; Karyn and John, daughter and son with his ex-wife, Betty; grandsons Scott, Sean, and Seth, who was born three weeks after his death.

He is also survived by the CR Fund – a lasting legacy to his incredibly generous life.