Greetings from CrossClef HQ!

Been a while since we’ve posted. We’ve just been chugging along, doing our thing, and providing wonderful CrossClef items to all who come upon us on the world wide web.

Though our public communications have been lacking in the recent past, we’ve certainly been hard at work.

The new things:

  1. A new website. Yep. We’ve gone and built another new web presence. In addition to some changes to the behind-the-scenes, the new site should allow customers to checkout in a more streamlined fashion. And it’ll provide a better experience for those visiting on mobile devices like phones and tablets. As of this post, it’s still pretty new. So, if you find anything screwy, please let us know.
  2. A more active social media presence. We are going to be posting more to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and more. Content will include hymn lyric art, photography of organs and churches, as well as video interviews of musicians, singers and others. And that’s just the start.
  3. Speaking of interviews, our first Video Profile will be out in the next couple weeks. We thought it appropriate that we start with Maria Bucka. She’s the Director of Music/Organist and Artistic Director of the Bethlehem Music Series at Bethlehem Lutheran Church in Minneapolis. And, of course, she is such an integral part of the CrossClef story.

Coming next will be a couple new products. And an new and exciting program to help raise funds for your choir, group or cause in an incredibly easy manner.

Thanks for visiting!

CrossClef HQ