CrossClef announced that it was adding to the offering of items available on its web site,

The new products include a number of clothing items such as tshirts, caps, beanies and wristbands in addtion to a new keychain, coffee mug and smaller necklaces.

“We”ve had these products ready for quite some time,” said company president, John Risser.

“It was time we made them available. The relaunch of the newly expanded web site provided the perfect opportunity,” Risser said.

The added items increase the overall number of available products from seven to 22.

“That”s more than a 300% increase. So, yeah, you could say we”re growing. It”s really an exciting time right now,” Risser said.

Plans for the future don”t stop there, however. Risser said there are many more items on the horizon.

“We have several new items nearly ready. Such as a beautiful pewter wall hanging,” Risser said. “But we wanted to get the relaunch set and rolling. Then we”ll keep moving forward and adding products. Stay tuned.”