Here at CrossClef, we do not like SPAM. You don’t want to receive SPAM. We don’t want to receive SPAM. And we will NOT feed the SPAM monster. Therefore, we will never, under any circumstances, share your email address or other information with any other party.

Furthermore, there are only two reasons we would ever use your email address to contact you:

  1. There is an issue processing your order – perhaps you entered your credit card number incorrectly or your shipment was returned to us for various reasons.
  2. You’ve subscribed to our CrossClef Newsletter for special insider offers and news. If you are a subscriber – thank you we hope you find it enjoyable – you will always be offered the option to cancel your subscription with every email you receive from us.

If you feel you’ve been contacted by CrossClef for reasons other than those stated above or feel your privacy has been compromised in some manner, by all means, contact us. We will make every effort to resolve the issue quickly and completely.